…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

You Had To Give Him That

The door flew open and in walked Don, briefcase in one hand, coffee in the other, as always. But today he was sporting leather boots, spandex pants, a sleeveless mesh shirt, matching studded leather collar and wristbands, and what appeared to be eyeliner.

Also, he’d apparently gotten his hair permed and had it teased out within an inch of his life.

He strutted over to his cubicle, flung his briefcase into the wall, threw down his coffee mug, smashing it on the floor next to him, then kicked down the cubicle wall separating his space from the rest of the department.

He jumped onto the fallen wall and, raising a pair of devil horns skyward, screamed “All RIGHT, Brown, Weiss, and Peyton, Certified Public Accountants: ARE! YOU! RRRRRREADY?!?”

Carol took in this whole scene and just shook her head. Don was ridiculous. And he was going to have to clean up that mess himself; she knew from experience that the cleaning crew wasn’t going to do it. They had stopped being unwilling participants in this little stunt years ago.

But as she sat there watching Don put the cubicle wall back in place while reviewing the month-end spreadsheets with Jenny, Carol had to admit: Ridiculous? Yes…but the man was committed to observing Rocktober, you had to give him that.

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2 thoughts on “You Had To Give Him That

  1. Is this how you envision real life Rolled Up Sleeve Man could behave? “Rolling up sleeves with reckless abandon is a studded dog collar away from smashing cubicles for Rocktober”….that’s the saying we learned in Sunday School.

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