…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

I Found Jesus

Everything changed when I found Jesus.

Before I found Him, I was adrift, going through the day with no clue, no purpose. And because of this, my self-esteem took a beating. I felt that if I was no good at finding what I was looking for, how could I be any good at anything?

Others seized on my self-doubt, making fun of my directionless pursuit. The word “loser” came up often, both to my face and whispered behind my back (they all thought they were being quiet, but I heard them). The teasing fed my insecurity, and being insecure encouraged others to be bold in their cruelty towards me. It was a vicious circle.

But then I found Jesus, right when I was on the verge of giving up.

I had searched every room in the house–twice. But I decided to look once more in the upstairs bathroom. In a moment of (divine?) inspiration, I pulled aside the shower curtain and there He was, standing silently in the bathtub. It turns out, the curtain is thick enough that you can’t see the shadow of a figure behind it, even with the lights on. The other two times I’d gone in there I hadn’t seen a shadow and hadn’t heard any noise or anyone breathing (Jesus is awesome at everything, and that includes holding His breath and being super quiet) and assumed that no one was hiding in there. Everyone else must have made the same assumption, because I was the only one all day who found Jesus when it was his or her turn to be “it”.

And when I descended the stairs behind Jesus, who simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders while I pointed at Him and announced “Look who I found!”, I knew that finding Jesus had given me back my self-esteem, AND had given me my calling.

And, the teasing stopped after that, too, because at that moment everyone else knew the gift that finding Jesus had given me, and there was no denying it: I was really good at playing hide-and-seek.


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2 thoughts on “I Found Jesus

  1. Maybe this is what happened to Jack Chick.

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