…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

From The Lost Journals Of Marvin Himmelsby, Amateur Sociologist

October 24, 2004

Today marks the conclusion of my latest experiment. For the past thirty days, I have unfailingly responded to every situation and every word spoken to me with a double thumbs up and the biggest smile I could muster. My hypothesis was that my relentless optimism would have a positive effect on those around me, resulting in an overall happier environment for me and for those whose paths I crossed.

And I am happy to report that “Operation A-OK” was a SMASHING success.

There were some bumps along the way. For example, some mistook my gestures as sarcasm–notably, my manager Julie; her reaction began with “Don’t be a dick”, quickly escalated to “I’m telling you for the last time–STOP IT”, and ended with me being terminated for insubordination (but on the plus side, I think I won over Rita in HR with my positivity during the exit interview).

There was also the man I encountered last week at the urinal next to the one I was occupying in the men’s room. I didn’t catch his name, but I think I did manage to communicate to him (amongst his shouted threats) that I was not, as he incorrectly assumed, making light of the size of his genitalia. Honestly, I didn’t even look in that direction.

Additionally, there was the man at the ball game I attended the other day who engaged in fisticuffs with me shortly after inquiring what my “problem” was. I know his problem–he was inebriated! (The staff who treated my injuries at the hospital afterwards liked that joke).

And I think Tracy may have moved out. I haven’t seen her in about two weeks, but I do vaguely remember her taking off her ring and throwing it in my direction whilst screaming “Stop LOOKING at me like that, you FREAK!”

But other than those few instances: A SMASHING success.

And now, I move on. My plan is to spend the next thirty days patting the bottoms of all whom I encounter in the manner of professional athletes and coaches engaged in sporting contests.

My hypothesis: People will feel encouraged by the gesture.

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