…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Love You More

“All right, well, I gotta go…OK…love you more…no, I do–I love you more…well, no, it’s…it’s…honey, it’s a fact, I love you more, I…it does matter…well, it matters to me…well, which…which one of us shoved the other out of the way of that oncoming bus?…Exactly, so…so…no, I’m not “holding it over your head”, I’m just…look–have you ever shoved me out of the way of an oncoming bus?…Didn’t think so. So that settles it–I saved your life, you haven’t saved mine–I love you more, case closed…no, that’s…that’s not the same thing…no, it’s not–first of all, you can’t prove I would’ve died if you hadn’t performed CPR on me, second…no–no, you can’t prove that…well, that was one doctor’s opinion. Second…second of all, if you hadn’t performed CPR, someone else would have, so…the EMT! EMTs can do CPR!…They would have been there in time to do it…yes, they would have! My…my point is, lots of people can do CPR, not a lot can shove people out of the way of buses…well, OK–agree to disagree…and…and third of all, you were trained in CPR, I wasn’t trained in shoving people out of the way of oncoming buses, so…my point is, who loves someone more? Someone who does what they already know how to do to quote-unquote “save their life”? In other words, someone who’s kinda just doing their job, when you think about it? Or someone who leaps into action with no regards to whether or not they’ve been trained and just acts on the, the pure instinct that ‘I have to save this person’s life’?…OK, that’s what I thought…so that settles it then, am I right?…OK, honey…love you more…Bye.”

Roger hung up the phone and shook his head. He loved Lori–loved her more than she loved him, that was an undisputed fact–but she could be REALLY argumentative sometimes.

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