…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Barry Realized Two Things

Barry raced across the parking lot toward the elderly woman.

“Hey! Hey…heyheyHEY, lady! Look at the sign. LOOK AT IT. Would it kill you to follow the directions? The carts go IN the cart return–not next to it. IN. How’d you like it if the guy baggin’ your groceries in there had just piled ’em all up next to the bags and said ‘There you are, ma’am’, and just walked away? Huh? HUH? That was a question, ma’am, do you have an answer?”

The lady looked up at him, and as her lip started to quiver, Barry realized two things:

1) He was not cut out to be a cart collector.
2) That Associate’s Degree he’d earned in Cart Collecting had been a huge waste of time and money.


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3 thoughts on “Barry Realized Two Things

  1. Sure it wasn’t the Cart Cartel he learned from? You know, the organization that controls and promotes the trafficking of carts?

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