…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

I’m An Internet Meme

I’m an Internet meme. Hi–pleased to meet you!

Chances are you were first introduced to me by a friend or acquaintance who posted something about me on Twitter or Facebook or some other social networking site. And chances are what they posted was a link to a tumblr page created by someone else which is entirely devoted to me.

But who am I? I’m a reference, really. A reference to some (usually unintentionally) funny thing done or said by someone–usually, someone famous. But you never know–I could have come from a non-celebrity having their fifteen minutes of fame (or infamy, as the case may be).

No matter my origins, though, chances are you’ll like me the first time you see me because I will make you laugh. (And that will probably flatter you as well, because I’ll make you feel smart that you’re well-informed enough to “get” me, and that always helps). You’ll probably even be tempted to share me with your friends, even though many of them have already seen me before, or at least know of me.

But share away! After all, it’s all in good fun–good fun that isn’t going to last long, if I’m being honest. Because eventually–sometimes it’s a matter of weeks but more often a matter of days–there’s going to start to be a glut of references to me. Other tumblrs will pop up, cheap imitations of the original. Parodies of me–most of them not at all funny–will be everywhere. And before you can say “Don’t tase me, bro”, I will have gone from funny to annoying. And you won’t be immune to this phenomenon. Oh, sure, you liked me when you first saw me, you forwarded me, shared me–heck, maybe you were even the creator of that original tumblr devoted to me.

But now, I’m old news. People referring to me and sharing me at this stage of the game are lame. Certainly not as cool as you were a week before when you shared me.

But, hey–I know I’m a temporary thing. I know you’re already on to the next meme; I get it.

No hard feelings. It was fun while it lasted. So, take care, and I’ll see you again someday on one of those “Hey, Remember The [INSERT NAME OF DECADE HERE]?”-type shows.


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