…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Proposition Z

It was an issue that both sides had spent untold millions of dollars and countless hours either fighting for or against for months. Months that had felt like years, if you asked anybody who had been subjected to all the ads about it.

Both sides arguably made valid points. The pro-legalization advocates rightly pointed out the cost in enforcing the current ban in both money and lives, and asked why the product in question could not simply be regulated, taxed, and legally enjoyed by responsible adults.

The anti-legalization camp, however, argued that legalization was a slippery slope. If this were to become legal, what was next? Cocaine? Prostitution? Besides, the regulation and taxation of the product would generate revenue, sure, but would it not also expand an already bloated state government?

But come Election Day, after all the ads and arguments, Proposition Z was at long last in the hands of the people.

And when all was said and done, the proposition passed by an overwhelming majority–in the high seventy percents, by most estimates–and it was official.

The people had spoken, and Zubaz were once again legal attire in the state of New Hampshire.


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4 thoughts on “Proposition Z

  1. Glad they spent their time and money on something worthwhile.

    • I know, right? WORTH EVERY PENNY.

      As you can imagine, this piece was inspired by the election (there was one of those recently, had you heard about it?), and one of the more depressing facts thrown around was how the money spent on Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns easily would have helped those affected by Hurricane Sandy many times over, among other far-more-worthy-than-an-election causes.

  2. In Michigan it was Prop C that was the “hot button issue.” Thankfully, after a strong campaign against it, Prop C was turned down, and culottes are still outlawed.

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