…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Pretty Much A Total Failure

Gabe and Zach were reminiscing.

“You remember that stick of gum that used to come inside packs of baseball cards?”

“Yeah, man–and it was like a rock? And when you put it in your mouth and bit down on it–”

“It’d just shatter!”

“Yeah, and you’d have, like, a mouth full of sharp bubble gum shards!”

“Yeah, man! HAHA!”

Tina poked her head in the room. (Tina was not fond of Gabe, or of the “Remember when?” conversations he was always initiating with her husband).

“You know, if you two like the past so much why don’t you just make a time machine and go back? Geez!”

Gabe and Zach looked at each other and realized she was right. They got to work.

And six months later, they had built a time machine. It was basically a refrigerator box covered in tinfoil with a dial from an old TV they’d found at the junkyard stuck to the front of it and the old TV’s antenna glued on top for good measure.

Gabe and Zach were kind of idiots.

The thing didn’t even work; it only went back to 2011. “Not much of a time machine”, as Tina was fond of saying.

The guys used it anyway and decided to go back and, for some reason, try to find Lenny Dykstra and help him turn his life around.

But they never found Lenny Dykstra, and eventually they got tired of 2011 and the machine ended up in Zach and Tina’s attic, collecting dust.

Every once in a while they’d haul it out for one of the kids’ birthday parties, but mostly it stayed in the attic because it was pretty much a total failure and none of them liked to look at it and be reminded of that.


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