…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

This One Was Easy

“Well…when you’re wearing pants with a button fly, the fly isn’t just dragging on the ground, right? And the bean, um, it would be like a hot bean, like a bean that’s in a spicy bowl of chili or something.”

“OK. Thank you for coming in. We’ll let you know our decision.”

The man left the room and the panel began deliberating.

This one was easy. While it was certainly dumb, it was far from the worst they’d heard so far that day. And his explanation actually made some kind of sense in a weird way–unlike some of the others, whose only justification for their ignorance was a lame “I just thought that’s what it was.”

So it was settled: They placed his file in the NO pile, and with that, “float like a button fly, sting like a bean” was officially out of the running for the title of World’s Dumbest Misquote.


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