…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

The Holiday Council

“So that settles it. By a vote of nine in favor, none opposed, red and green are adopted as the Official Colors of Christmas.”

The Chairman rapped his gavel, and it was over.

Pete picked up his papers and placed them back in his briefcase. He was in shock. He had seriously misjudged the situation. He had no idea anyone else would even show up to the hearing, let alone present an argument against his chosen colors that, in hindsight, made perfect sense: Red and green are naturally-occurring colors during the season in holly berries and leaves and what-not; red and green are complementary colors and both are striking against white, the other dominant color (or lack of color, to be exact) of the season.

Pete had no counterarguments prepared. Assuming no one would argue against him, he had pretty much made his case based on the fact that his colors of choice were simply ones he liked–then added some questionable anecdotal “evidence” that he “knew of some other people” who shared his color preferences. And the papers he was filing back into his briefcase? All either blank sheets or scrap paper he’d brought just to make it look like he’d done research on the topic. It had all come across as unprofessional and obviously had not been effective.

One thing he wasn’t going to do, though, was give up. He’d lost the Christmas argument, but he still believed in his colors. Plus, the Holiday Council would be meeting again in two weeks.

That wasn’t much time, but with some hard work, Pete felt he had a fighting chance at getting Blaze Orange and Yellow Ochre named the Official Colors of New Year’s Day.

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