…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.

Clean Slate

It was a new year. A clean slate.

A chance to start afresh, let go of the past and embrace the possibilities and opportunities which were sure to present themselves in the months ahead.

And Milt decided he was going to do just that. He was going to keep his eyes and ears open to find those opportunities and seize them; he was going to take life by the reins and live it to the fullest.

Of course, he had to get out of jail first. He was scheduled to be released in May, but by then almost half a year of reins-taking would be lost, so Milt made up his mind that he was going to bust out, maybe by tying a bunch of bed sheets together into a big rope that he could lower out the window to climb down to freedom. Or, maybe he could get someone to bring him a cake with a big file baked inside it.

Or, maybe he could dig a hole in the wall using a spoon and hide the hole behind a giant Rita Hayworth poster until he dug his way to the sewer and then waded to freedom via the sewer pipes.

Milt figured one of those things would totally work. And then: Clean slate, living to the fullest, etc.

But then, he realized the first order of business after busting out would be to track down those responsible for putting him in jail in the first place and get payback.

So it would be bust out, then revenge, then: Clean slate, carpe diem–all that stuff.

It was going to be a good year. Milt just had a feeling.


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