…and on the 8th day, micro fiction was published on some dude's blog.


Clayton’s grandfather was dying, so he had summoned Clayton to see him one last time before it was too late.

In his room, his grandfather–looking frail and tiny in the large hospital bed–handed Clayton a disc, saying “It’s nearly the end for me, Clay. Take this and watch it. It’s what I want to say to you.”

He went home that night, disc in hand, but couldn’t bring himself to watch it right away.

He finally sat down one evening about a week later to view Grandpap’s message.

His grandfather, looking much less gaunt than he had in the hospital, directly addressed the camera, offering Clayton “life lessons”: Follow the Golden Rule, spend your money wisely, don’t let work get in the way of having a good life, carpe diem…pretty standard stuff. But Clayton watched and absorbed it all, sobbing through the entire thing, realizing that any day he’d get the call that Grandpap had passed.

Then, right before he signed off, his grandfather offered one last tip: “And remember, Clayton my boy–always be prepared for a surprise.”

And at that exact moment, two hands grabbed Clayton by the shoulders from behind the couch.

Clayton leaped out of his seat and spun around.

Grandpap? But–”

“It’s me, in the flesh! Hope you were paying attention to that last bit of the video, son, ’cause I made a full recovery! HOT cha!”

And as Clayton crumpled to the floor in shock, his grandfather ran out from behind the couch and started doing The Ickey Shuffle right in the middle of Clayton’s living room.


“And, babe? It was so traumatic–you don’t even know–that to this day, I have a hard time functioning normally. That’s why it’s so hard for me to keep a job.”

Maura took in all of this new information and considered it.

She had figured all along that Clayton couldn’t stay employed for more than a few months at a time because he was simply a shiftless loser. She had actually sat him down that afternoon to break up with him, but then somehow the conversation had taken a left turn into this weirdo Grandpap story of his, so she decided to give him one more chance.

She just felt too guilty to dump a guy who was obviously suffering from Post Traumatic Grandpap Disorder.


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